GS Trainer and GS Harness Package

The GS Harness is a universal harness that can be used to deliver a prescribed load to the cervical spine, lumbar spine and the upper and lower peripheral limb joints. It is a hand crafted leather strap with internal padding, an external high tension cord and stainless steel pulley system with a maximum load of 350kg.

  • Compatible with the GS Trainer
  • Do neck testing and training with the GS Trainer and Harness
  • High quality 5kg and 2x 10kg resistance cord
  • Harness alone weighs: 0.6kg
  • Door anchor and handle.
  • Assess to GS Online – Online resource feature exclusive GS Harness workouts (

The pulley acts as part of the dynamic force equalization system that distributes loads evenly through the strap and prevents adverse force vectoring. Its unique design also allows dynamic loading of the cervical spine with stabilizing straps that detach if the correct angle of force is not maintained. This assures good technique and prevents axial loading during lifting.

Status: AVAILABLE – Est. Delivery time 5-10 working days

£805.00 Exc VAT

Whats Included

The GS Trainer + GS Harness is the complete neck training and testing package.  Test the strength and use that data to create a personalised training programme.  Download the GS Trainer Analysis Suite at for free with this package.

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GS Harness

  • High quality 5kg and 2x 10kg resistance cord
  •  Handle
  • 2x Carabiners
  • Door Anchor
  • Draw String Bag
  • Instruction Manual
  • 12 Month Warranty

GS Trainer

Train anywhere, no limits. Convert your garden or house to your own personal gym.

We’ve applied engineering-grade technology from the Formula One car to create this exciting health & fitness product, the GS Trainer.

  • Workout anywhere, home, outdoors, gym…
  • Muscle testing. Record how strong your muscles are.
  • Monitors force (kg), define the sets and reps.
  • Custom your workout based on your fitness goals and current strength.
  • Monitor progress/strength over time to ensure your reach your goals!