Meet your new personal trainer. The GS Trainer uses the patented load-cell technology developed by Gatherer Systems to create an entirely new and groundbreaking training product. Imagine holding an entire gym in the palm of your hand. Imagine having the ability to complete a rehabilitation programme written precisely for you but in the comfort of your own home. All this and more is possible with the GS Trainer.The GS Trainer consists of 2 main components; the Force Sensor and the Receiver. The Force Sensor has an attachment ring on each end. One end is attached to a fixed point e.g. to a door using a door anchor.

The other side is attached to the resistance bands with either the GS Harness, handle or ankle strap. As you pull and generate force, the Force Sensor will instantly send the data to the Receiver in real time so you can see exactly the force you are generating.

Set your target force, sets and repetitions. As soon as you reach your target, the receiver will beep and that rep will be counted. Once you have completed the total number of repetitions for that set, the set will be counted.  You can now proceed with the next set.


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GS Trainer: How to Setup

The training setup in shown in the three following videos.

How to Setup: Step 1

How to Setup: Step 2

How to Setup: Step 3

Gatherer Systems: The Total Package

We at Gatherer Systems offer customised, high quality and easy to use services and solutions for human performance and recovery in home fitness, physiotherapy, musculoskeletal medicine and neurology.Our technology gives objective and accurate values to the people requiring improved performance outcomes or enhanced recovery pathways.Our vision is to transform musculoskeletal analysis worldwide by offering unparalleled objectivity and accuracy in the musculoskeletal assessment.

The GS Trainer, Analyser and Harness products represent the next stage in elite sports and care diagnosis of the musculoskeletal systems for all wishing to stay fit, healthy and cognisant of their statistics.

Our design, and the application of advanced technology has resulted in a robust patented system that offers a superior level of clinical objective management for neuro-musculoskeletal injury and rehabilitation of the periphery and the spine.