Sacha Fenestraz

Racing driver for Super Formula and Super GT500

“The GS Trainer has transformed my neck training. Being able to see how strong my neck is and watch the improvements is a game-changer”

How It Works


An entire gym and rehabilitation tool that fits in the palm of your hand. Find out more.


The GS Trainer is the first of its kind, offering a personalised and data-driven training system that fits in the palm of your hand. Work out at home, in the park or even on holiday. The advanced and patented load-cell technology monitors every rep you do and counts all the sets. Design and personalise your training programme according to your desired fitness goals. It’s like having your own personal trainer!

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The GS Trainer allows the individual to precisely train each muscle in accordance with fundamental strength and conditioning principles. The GS Trainer allows the individual to test their strength AND to use that data to deliver a maximal physiological stimulus to each muscle. The device is portable and lightweight, therefore you can train anywhere you like, only requiring a fixed point to attach the device to.

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Utilising 15 years of data across the spectrum of rugby at all levels and positions.  Prevent & rehab cervical injuries.

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From concussion prevention to groin injury rehabilitation. Find out how the GS Trainer can help you.

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Data-driven G Force training.  Utilising neck strength data collected over 15 years.  Find out more.

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Prevent serious head and neck injuries with data-driven neck training programmes.  Find out more.

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The neck is considered a crucial shock absorber in MMA. Leave guesswork at the door and train with real data.

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Data-driven neck training to give you a knock-out resistant & bulletproof neck. Find out how we can help.

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Precise Training Programmes

The team at Gatherer Systems have been collecting data for over 15 years from patients and elite athletes using the GS Analyser. Neuro-musculoskeletal data from:

– 1,000 cervical injuries
– 300 upper limb, shoulder, groin, lower limb injuries
– 250 professional and international rugby players
– Racing drivers from Formula One all the way to karting & other sports including boxing, athletics, equine sports, gymnastics, rowing, shooting, Iron man, football, speedway, aerobatics, skeleton bob, ice skating and NFL

This data forms the basis of our training programmes which is why we are leaders in data-driven rehabilitation. Now you can use that data to train and rehabilitate patients and athletes alike!

Data-driven Training

The most effective way to train is to first have an understanding of what your physiological aim is e.g. do you want to become an endurance athlete or power-based athlete. This will determine what training programme you use to obtain your desired physiological profile.

For example, an endurance based training programme typically uses high repetitions with low weights/load and shorter recovery periods.

The amount of weight used is based on the maximum force that individual can generate in one repetition. A percentage of that is taken and this represents the training weight per repetition.

For example, if an individual can generate 50kg of weight on their biceps, an endurance training programme would typically be 40% of this – so 20kg with 15 repetitions, 3 sets with a 30-60 second recovery in-between sets.