Gatherer Systems was founded by renowned Olympic and England Rugby physiotherapist Don Gatherer, as a result of 50 years of experience in professional sports physiotherapy. From this work he realised the potential for objective analysis of the forces exerted on the neuro-musculoskeletal system.After a visit to the Red Bull simulator with Mark Webber, Don realised that the high-end F1 force sensor systems were ideal for adaptive technology transfer into neuromusculoskeletal analysis of the human body, the journey had begun.

Gatherer Systems then began to research technologies that had the capability to precisely measure the level of force applied to the body during training and rehabilitation; this is where Don discovered the exact type of specialist load cell he was looking for…

Through years of research and development, we have harnessed this exceptional technology to create the GS Trainer.  A engineering-grade, high-end F1 force sensor to revolutionise your training and fitness.


Leading the way in objective musculoskeletal analysis and performance/recovery equipment, spanning sports, medical care, insurance injury assessment and rehabilitation. Our patented technology and products are used by elite athletes and leading medical professionals worldwide. Find out why.

Gatherer Systems: The Total Package

We at Gatherer Systems offer customised, high quality and easy to use services and solutions for human performance and recovery in home fitness, physiotherapy, musculoskeletal medicine and neurology. Our technology gives objective and accurate values to the people requiring improved performance outcomes or enhanced recovery pathways.

Our vision is to transform musculoskeletal analysis worldwide by offering unparalleled objectivity and accuracy in the musculoskeletal assessment.

The GS Trainer, Analyser and Harness products represent the next stage in elite sports and care diagnosis of the musculoskeletal systems for all wishing to stay fit, healthy and cognisant of their statistics.Our design, and the application of advanced technology has resulted in a robust patented system that offers a superior level of clinical objective management for neuro-musculoskeletal injury and rehabilitation of the periphery and the spine.

Gatherer Systems: Meet The Team

Don Gatherer

Founder and Chairman

A Chartered Physiotherapist & inventor with over 50 years experience of professional experience. He became chief physiotherapist to The England Rugby Team, England Commonwealth Team, GB Athletic Team & GB Olympic Team.

Dr Angus Perry

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Angus Perry is a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (BMBS), Bachelor of Medical Science (BMedSc) and Bachelor of Science (Medical Genetics) BSc Hons) and is a fully qualified General Practitioner (MRCGP).

Jon Malvern

Chief Operating Officer

Jon Malvern is an exercise physiologist, researcher and Strength & Conditioning coach to F1 Driver Lando Norris. He is a director of Gatherer Systems and head of motorsport. He is also the founder of Pioneered Athlete Performance.

Craig Malcolm

Head of Sales

Craig has more than 20 years of experience developing markets for medical diagnostics equipment and reconstructive orthopaedics and in his earlier career, for wider medical and dental systems.