GS Trainer

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An entire gym and rehabilitation tool that fits in the palm of your hand


A gym that fits in the palm of your hand. A personal rehabilitation device. All rolled into one. The GS Trainer is a data-driven device that uses patented load-cell technology to allow you to test and train anywhere, any muscle group in your body with unparalleled precision.

Ever wonder if you are actually making progress with your training programme? In Test mode, you’ll be able to accurately determine the strength of your muscles and see the improvements for yourself. Or are you recovering from an injury? Monitor your recovery with objective data. Let the GS Trainer take away the guesswork.

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Meet your new
personal trainer

Meet your new personal trainer. The GS Trainer uses the patented load-cell technology developed by Gatherer Systems to create an entirely new and groundbreaking training product.

Imagine holding an entire gym in the palm of your hand. Imagine having the ability to complete a rehabilitation programme written precisely for you but in the comfort of your own home. All this and more is possible with the GS Trainer.

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The Force Sensor and the Receiver wirelessly connect to each other

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Energy Efficient

Long lasting lithium-ion battery for 8 hours of continuous usage

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Easy Control

Simple and intuitive controls. Adjustable dials for force, repetitions and sets

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Simple Setup

Your GS Trainer will be ready to use as soon as you take it out of the box!

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Data Driven

Training programmes based on data that we have collected over 15 years using the GS Analyser

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Highly Compatible

The GS Trainer force sensor comes equipped with a bluetooth transmitter

The Ultimate Outdoor Workout

Literally take your GS Trainer anywhere. The GS Trainer allows you to workout anywhere from your home to the top of a mountain. The GS Trainer and the home fitness package comes equipped with a lightweight and robust carry case along with a drawstring bag for all your workout accessories.


How do you know if your training programme is actually working? How can you REALLY tell if you're getting stronger. In this 60 second video, we show you how to test ALL your major muscles groups, how to store the data, and how you use the data to create a personalised training programme and execute it with the GS Trainer.

You can also download the “GS Trainer - Training Programme Generator”. Here you can store the peak strength of your muscle groups and it will automatically populate a training programme for you!

Once you’ve purchased a GS Trainer, register with "" and gain access to exclusive online content. You will be able to download the “GS Trainer - Training Programme Generator” on this page.

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Home exercise package: What is included?

With the GS Trainer you get everything you need in a box. It is so easy you can be up and running in minutes.

Included in the home exercise package are the GS Trainer force sensor and receiver unit, charger, 2 handles, 5 long and short resistance cords (5kg), 2 x carabiners and a drawstring bag.

Each component is carefully designed to work with the GS Trainer and appropriate for use anywhere you choose.

GS Trainer Charger


GS Trainer Cord

Fixed cord title

GS Trainer Door Anchor

Door anchor attachment

GS Trainer Carabiners

4 x Carabiners

GS Trainer Resistance Cords

5 x Resistance cords

GS Trainer Handle to Attachment Resistance Cords

2 x Handles